Adding Members to Plots

Landowners can go to to add building rights for others on their plots. Simply find the land or rail you wish to add members to under the ‘keys’ tab, click on the mechanics button, and enter the user’s Minecraft account name you wish to add rights to on your plot. Members added like this have full rights to resources, building, use of the plot, and access to create and maintain player-to-player shops. They will receive active rewards even if they don’t own any land themselves, and the landowner will also get rewards for the activity on their plot. Through this system, several community members have ‘scholarship’ programs where new members can get in-world and earn enough rewards to eventually get a plot themselves.

For the most part, all land and rail plots that are being actively built upon or collecting rewards for players and landowners are complete from within the system described above. The corporation itself does, however, have some accounts that are beyond the regular mechanics of this system.

The Upliftservices account on WAX is the holding account for all lands not yet distributed to community members of The Uplift World. This account is not registered in and therefore does not receive Upliftium and WAX rewards as do the community owned plots.

The Upliftworld1 WAX account is another account dedicated to operations in use by the founding team. In the early days, a variety of strategic communities were selected to help populate the first worlds and were gifted pieces of land to build upon for when the servers opened. It became apparent over time that some of these communities were not able to fulfill their obligation to build and bring in their communities to the extent that was hoped, and the project needed a way to ensure that these dedicated parcels of land would always remain in the care of those that were actively increasing the value of The Uplift World mission. For this reason, we have created the Upliftworld1 account, which we use to manage whitelists for those community projects we are waiting for to prove they are here for the long haul and not just a quick flip. By default of using the site to whitelist members to these plots, they do collect Upliftium and WAX rewards; however, at this time the plan is to burn the Upliftium and return the WAX to the rewards pool. This is not to say that this cannot be changed in the future and the rewards be utilized to benefit the entire Uplift ecosystem at some point further down the road, but this is likely something the DAO will tackle when the time is riper for such considerations.

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