Artist Based Gallery World

The Vivid Art Community is a Huge Part of the Uplift

One of the things people have become most excited about is the burgeoning presence of amazing art and galleries in The Uplift World metaverse. There are already many gallery owners curating art, NFT displays, and museum exhibits in new and profound ways that just wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. We have seen many of these talented individuals come together to explore creative avenues which mix style, genres, and in-metaverse builds to display the best of the best in fascinating ways.

One of the ideas we have to empower this profound expression of creative energy is a dedicated artist zone or world that can be used as a collaborative space and home for various gallery curators to build out and set up shop, allowing for those creative juices to flow and be experienced on a micro-scale tailored for in-metaverse and open server showings and events.

Inside The Rubik Cube Gallery, one of the many perspective-altering immersive art experiences that a growing community of creatives are helping to foster throughout the metaverse and an energy we hope to enable even more with the development of a specialized in-metaverse artist district.

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