Purpose and Vision

No Game to Just Slap the Label "Metaverse" Or "NFT" on to It - a Movement in Its Beginning

The Uplift intends to be the multi-chain glue that holds the Minecraft metaverse together (This is a slight misquote of cryptoQ in our discord and highlights how amazing our community is). We have creative worlds where nearly any block in the Minecraft palette is available to builders at will. We also have a survival world cluster with shared inventory and an in-world player-to-player economy. We support community-run events as well as host our own, from public access or passport-NFT gated gallery openings [1] to boat races [2], PvP tournaments [3, 4], scavenger hunts, quests, and selfie events [5, 6], and an ever-increasing list only hindered by the imagination of our collective selves [7, 8].

It was, in fact, the act of encoding our shared gratitudes in the original cathedral during the start of the pandemic that shaped the vision of The Uplift before it was The Uplift. It is objectively profound and is one of the most important parts of The Uplift to us. Gratitude monuments such as the Cathedral, Uplifters Tower, Tuttle Gratitude Building, and the Ka’ahthedral are a testament to the historical origins of all we have accomplished and believe in on a very real personal, community, and organizational level. The fact is however, The Uplift is composed of a vast number of individuals and means many unique and just as important things to them all.

For some, it’s about building your dream ranch in a quiet corner of an immense metaverse [8], hanging your own family photos on the wall, planting your own food, running a shop to sell goods you crafted yourself, and reinvesting your gains on a neighboring plot for your children to play on when you have them. It’s about them walking into your metaverse house and seeing those same pictures in 10 years time.

Still not your cup of tea? Maybe you want god-like powers to live a dream life, where you build greater-than-life surreal structures that also double as an art gallery to showcase the art you and others have produced out there in the real world. Perhaps you want to exponentiate your exposure through the vastness of the metaverse. Maybe you even want to change the whole thing every month forever to show the world what you’re capable of! [9] Maybe you want to get a plot in our survival cluster and dig/farm/trade for every block that goes into your build. Maybe you want to open a massive store and spend your days balancing Upliftium prices and supplies. Maybe you like moving people from place to place and want to run a portal hub to make a large world feel cozier or to direct attention to your favorite builds. And when you feel ‘done,’ maybe you want to put that plot up for sale on Nefty Blocks or Atomic Hub and start all over again on a new plot or new world. That’s our vision. The building, growth, and interaction of an incredible like-minded community brought together through and to experience individual and collective passions that shape our world and the metaverse we have chosen to be a part of in the most beautiful and profound ways on our journey together. And the good people of The Uplift World are the sole factor setting our metaverse up for success beyond just another room on the net or game to be played.

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