Play & Earn

Building a Sustainable System Instead of a Straw Fire

The Uplift has already dropped hundreds of thousands of WAX-Tokens and Millions of Upliftium to the active player base.

Rewards Season 5 will start very soon.

Why we do things differently

We believe that the best way for a sustainable game that has a substantial financial participation and income aspect is to grow like a person or startup.

This means the optimum is to invest instead of to transfer and to have multiple sources of income for a project that pays dividends that are tied to the degree of participation.

The Uplift World is a "Play & Earn" game, instead of a "Play 2 Earn" game. Our credo is that we have done something seriously wrong and need to correct our course if players participate in the Uplift just for the means of earning an income. This is not fun and it is not sustainable. Especially if the only strategy to generate profits for players to take it from the existing, or even new players.

We want players to earn a serious income, or even make a living if they decide to build a career around our metaverse. The same way people do with social media or streaming for example. But this needs to be the cherry on the ice. The main motivation must be fun while playing the game. Just as you play other games that have no financial incentive because you love the community and in-game fun.

How we build a sustainable play and earn game

The Uplift Metaverse can utilize many games, but we selected Minecraft. Why? Because it offers unprecedented creativity, versatility, and an enormous conventional player base. The idea is not to build an alternative Minecraft. The idea is to make much more out of the game by adding the real functionality NFTs can provide to enhance the game with new economies, more player participation, crafting systems, and much more.

Although we have or own in-game currency that can be earned, and exchanged for services players really want is great. It is just a start. We enable players to build their own businesses in-game, to connect Minecraft worlds with their outside projects, and to thrive using classical growths factors like visibility, or engagement. No matter if you want to build a business, or just like to get additional gains through the time and ingenuity you put into the game you love anyway, e.G. by creating buildings, resources, or art other players need. Or just by roaming the world.

One example for the mentioned sustainability is not to spend everything the DAO earns from partnerships, transactions or sales on rewards, but to collect an ever-growing treasury, invest in tokens with a strong value proposition, and to pay players from the growing staking rewards, or low risk DeFi activities.

The possibilities are endless.

Some examples that do not even address what is planned, but what is already there:

  • Generating Upliftium and other tokens like WAX etc. through your activity that other players need to buy in world services to support their projects like "picture installs" for artists.

  • Building a gallery or fun event and selling tickets / collecting activity rewards from sightseers.

  • Mining Minecraft resources other plot owners require for their builds and sell them.

  • Participating in tournaments and being victorious, or streaming it.

  • Selling sought-after game items you found/earned.

  • Spinning up your own world or plot and making it so creative and attractive, other collectors or entrepreneurs want to buy it, or hire you as a builder.

  • Become an Uplift event manager, artist, videographer etc.

  • Holding miners, plots or renting them.

These are just a few "play and earn" possibilities that you can start right now, and we have not even started in rolling out the full vision with all its possibilities (See our "Features to vote on" section for a tiny peek into the future).

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