First Features to vote on

Now Let's Take a Peak on a Few Features We Already Have in Stash for You

The first wave of new services that burn Upliftium

Punch sign = trigger something: Automated sign punch event tracking

Automatic sign punch tracking. Choose a sign on your plot, burn Upliftium, and get assigned a WAX wallet. Send NFTs to the wallet and they will be distributed to sign punchers according to the options you choose.

Create your experience world with the press of a button

Automatic experience world creation. Choose plots (connected) to include and server capacity desired. Burn Upliftium to initiate experience world, pay WAX for each week it is operational.

Merge and break Land Keys

Land key subdivision and merging. Burn to turn one land key into a bunch of keys or turn a bunch of connected plots you own into a single key.

Become a landlord

A rental Interface where plot owners can subdivide the plot and have other players "rent" a volume.

Import your awesome buildings (Creative Mode)

Install a build from schematics on creative mode plots.

The most awesome looking invisible armour you have ever seen

Invisible armour NFTs to allow you to show off your skin while keeping the stat bonuses of your armour.

No one should need to travel alone - pets are fun!

Pet and companion NFTs for company.

Trip Advisor - now in your Uplift World. Don't forget to leave a rating!

Display shops, events, points of interest on map.

Action landscaping & extreme gardening

Landscaping services for creative mode plots.

Wait... Did he say "purr" or "purge"?

Burn to enable PvP on your plot.

My Nether - My rules

Upliftium burn to own the nether 'under' your plot.

Leave a message...

Burn for a popup display when someone walks onto your plot.

Don't just own your building rights - export buildings or print them!

Export builds as 3D models or even purchase 3D prints.

Finally, we know what a prospector probe prospects....

Prospecting reports showing how many of what resources are in a given plot you own.

NFT items, crafting and alchemy taken to the next level

NFT Crafting: Craft and upgrade equipable items, parts, your laboratory and buffs etc. using Upliftium, exported Minecraft resource NFTs + other NFT Items you earned or found in the world.

Events (usually on experience worlds)

Sky is the limit

Skyblock world with admission and periodic resets.

Two go in one comes out

PvP tournaments!


Bedwars on experience worlds copied from the best areas in The Uplift.

Battle royale

Battle royale on experience worlds copied from the best areas in The Uplift.

I only play hardcore mode...

“One-life” admission based hardcore world with seasonal resets and leaderboard prizes.

Being active and awesome pays off more than ever!

“Connectium” (working title): NFT coins that are only obtainable through activity and participation in game events, as well as positive Discord / community interaction. An important reward to encourage activity since they will be a needed part for the most rare and valuable blends.

Season Passes - You deserve it!

Season passes: Players who meet certain game or activity criteria get a pass that lasts e.g. 3 months and has one of 3 tiers. (1 is very easy to get, 3 very hard.) They offer whitelisting, perks, and bonuses for in-game activities, but also Pack sales etc.

Game Quality

Well... then I'll found my own club...

Guilds: NFTs for guild owners and NFTs for members bought with Upliftium. Members can activate their NFTs, then choose to pool lands/rewards to the "guild bank." Guild owner or consensus of members decides how to assign land use (including nested regions) as well as rewards splits.

Achievements pay off!

Unlock gorgeous, account-bound achievements for various stats, or things you are doing and level up! And the best thing: They do not only look awesome in your wallet or account: You can enable features and benefits by having combos of them!

If you merge it, they will come

Earn "Land Shards" by various activities that can be blended to land packs, if you have enough shards and all the right ingredients, though.

My deck is strong... Our deck-community is stronger! Everyone on deck!

We introduced Land Decks together with shards to reward active players and to enable "land ownership by grinding". Deck packs contain sought-after land in a very defined map region. Collect as much of one deck as you can and build strong bonds and alliances with your deck-neighbors!


Image plugin rewrite to support user-initiated picture swaps. Also allowing a user to register for a content delivery network to display ads.

Event Calendar

Well... Yes exactly that.

More data that looks fun on maps!

Maps plugin rewrite for more intuitive data layers including real-time listings and sales, and for better resource usage.

You shall pass!

Passports: Allow access (with or without rewards earning) to non-landowners who also aren't members on a plot. Can be gated per world or open access. Already developed but we need to decide how to integrate them into regular worlds, not just use them for events and experience worlds.

Not Amazon yet, but this improvement will do!

Shops plugin rewrite to support shops that buy items, player to player payments, animal selling, and jobs.

Easy social logins. Never use "password" twice again...

Social logins so that X-chain activity doesn't require a WAX wallet (though WAX rewards would).

My Land Key is better than yours, and you know it!

Land key upgrade so keys display an updating map image of your plot.

Oh and my Land Key is unique - just say'in...

1/1 land key upgrades with an updating in-game photo (or 3d model) of what is on the plot.

Make NFTs out of your Minecraft resources and do crazy stuff!

Resource NFT economy: Players can export batches of Minecraft resources as NFTs and use them for NFT-crafting and trading on secondary markets.

I can hear voices in my head.

Discord-in world chat bridge.

Please leave me a gift after the ... Beeeeb

Proximity audio for broadcasts to nearby players.

Your portal to another dimension

Cross-server plot-to-plot portal installs.

By the power of my new item! - Behold!

NFT-based buffs of in-game stats and/or rewards.

Let's get physical

NFTs to physical goods. The possibility to redeem certain NFTs for physical goods.

Game Awesomeness

I put a DAO inside your DAO, so you can World DAO

World DAOs: An Upliftium 'vending machine' for small new worlds. DAO keeps the rail on world purchase while the buyer gets all the land plots. A buyer or group of buyers can choose what cluster the world is in, what chain it is on, and many basic rules. Upliftium could then be staked to the world to include it in rewards distributions.

Other chains have nice players too - trans-dimensional rift incoming

X-chain worlds (Matic, Ethereum, Solana, EOS, BSC, Terra)

WAX and Upliftium are not enough??? - You are welcome

Partner tokens being dropped for rewards in addition to Upliftium and WAX.

Well... Have you considered upgrading it?

Minecraft version upgrade

Support consoles are our bedrock

Support consoles and other platforms via Minecraft Bedrock client support.

Teleportation - this is madness!

Teleportation to other server networks.

Upliftium does not judge you...

Multi-chain Upliftium crystallization and melting


HODL gating (based on held Upflitium) bonuses on rewards and special NFT access.

ETH World? - Sure, why not...

Ethereum-based world with open-to-all plot mint.

I feel powerful! - but with power comes responsibility

Increased observer and moderator capabilities.

All your base belong to us now!

Offer immigration for other servers/clusters that want to join The Uplift.

Now also on your phone

“Experience worlds lite”- an open-to-all, mobile and browser explorable copy of worlds that update regularly, and with clickable images that link to the NFT for sale.

Craft your items, improve your land!

Land Upgrades through crafted or found items. Adds another external dimension to crafting, fun, and land management.

Loot expectation over 9000

Automatic NFT drops for in-game actions.

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