First Features to vote on

Now Let's Take a Peak on a Few Features We Already Have in Stash for You

The first wave of new services that burn Upliftium

Punch sign = trigger something: Automated sign punch event tracking
Create your experience world with the press of a button
Merge and break Land Keys
Become a landlord
Import your awesome buildings (Creative Mode)
The most awesome looking invisible armour you have ever seen
No one should need to travel alone - pets are fun!
Trip Advisor - now in your Uplift World. Don't forget to leave a rating!
Action landscaping & extreme gardening
Wait... Did he say "purr" or "purge"?
My Nether - My rules
Leave a message...
Don't just own your building rights - export buildings or print them!
Finally, we know what a prospector probe prospects....
NFT items, crafting and alchemy taken to the next level

Events (usually on experience worlds)

Sky is the limit
Two go in one comes out
Battle royale
I only play hardcore mode...
Being active and awesome pays off more than ever!
Season Passes - You deserve it!

Game Quality

Well... then I'll found my own club...
Achievements pay off!
If you merge it, they will come
My deck is strong... Our deck-community is stronger! Everyone on deck!
Event Calendar
More data that looks fun on maps!
You shall pass!
Not Amazon yet, but this improvement will do!
Easy social logins. Never use "password" twice again...
My Land Key is better than yours, and you know it!
Oh and my Land Key is unique - just say'in...
Make NFTs out of your Minecraft resources and do crazy stuff!
I can hear voices in my head.
Please leave me a gift after the ... Beeeeb
Your portal to another dimension
By the power of my new item! - Behold!
Let's get physical

Game Awesomeness

I put a DAO inside your DAO, so you can World DAO
Other chains have nice players too - trans-dimensional rift incoming
WAX and Upliftium are not enough??? - You are welcome
Well... Have you considered upgrading it?
Support consoles are our bedrock
Teleportation - this is madness!
Upliftium does not judge you...
ETH World? - Sure, why not...
I feel powerful! - but with power comes responsibility
All your base belong to us now!
Now also on your phone
Craft your items, improve your land!
Loot expectation over 9000