DAO Tokenomics & Snapshots

The DAO token will exist on Ethereum.

There will be 100,000,000 tokens in total (max supply), all minted on day 1.

The first use-cases for DAO tokens right from the start are:

Having a direct influence on the development of new features, the roadmap, and all-important decisions concerning the Uplift World Metaverse through your vote.

The holding of 100+ DAO tokens will give you permanent Alpha & Beta access that is otherwise exclusive for landowners. (Feature will get active shortly before the start of the first ETH land sales.)

DAO token holders will receive a share of gross revenue as long as the DAO has a sufficient operations runway. The runway size and revenue share amounts will be voted on by the DAO.

25% of the DAO token has been earmarked for the community, in two phases. Phase 1 is 15% of the DAO token and will be based on a snapshot taken shortly before the distribution itself. This will be split into 2 pools, 80/20.

The first pool, 12% of total DAO token, will be distributed based on the number of land key (and rail key) NFTs you have. Size of plot does not matter for this, only how many keys you have.

The second pool, 3% of total DAO token, will be distributed based on Upliftium BURNED! We will consider burns from picture installs, portal installs, screenshot sessions. If we get other big sinks online before the distribution snapshot, those will count as burns. We will also consider any 1M Upliftium NFTs sent to "wesaveuplift" as burned by the wallet that sends them (and will burn the NFTs received in batches). Shop taxes will not count as burns, at least for the first distribution.

When we formalize a date for the 2nd distribution (10% of total DAO tokens), it will be split similarly (8% based on land NFT ownership, 2% for Upliftium burns). By the end of this, all but 4% of the DAO token will have been distributed.

You will have to register an Ethereum address on enter.theuplift.world and confirm it in game to “reserve” your DAO tokens before the window (date not announced) ends. Once reserved, you can claim anytime you like by paying gas.

You also have an option to burn 10M Upliftium to get on an ‘airdrop list’ and have the DAO tokens sent directly to your wallet with us paying the gas.

You can see current information on Upliftium burns, holdings, and on land key ownership (useful for calculating your share of DAO tokens) on this useful 3rd party tool https://moddedoutlaw.github.io/uplift/

TL:DR The best way to get DAO tokens is to be holding land key NFTs and by burning Upliftium (ideally for services like picture and portal installations or plot regeneration).

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