Experience Worlds

A unique feature of The Uplift World is the ability to create ‘experience worlds.’ These are taken from connected plots on any of our existing worlds and ‘uplifted’ to separate hardware. These experience world copies run separately, allowing much greater player capacity. They can have rules tailored to more customized wants and needs than the base metaverse sector plots. Anything done by participants in these experience worlds stays there, making it ideal for visiting (gallery openings) or events (races, PvP, etc.) as it does not throw the day-to-day operations and dynamics of the base layer metaverse worlds out of proportion. The owner of these plots will get landowner rewards for activity on both the original plots and the experience world!

The DAO will be in charge of making these experience worlds from popular builds any time they need an area for an event. We already allow for individuals and projects to negotiate and spin up their own experience worlds manually, but in the future we plan to include an automated option based on a combination of Upliftium burning and a WAX time-based fee on our enter.theuplift.world site.

The Maul Gallery hosted an open server event allowing for anyone with a Java Minecraft account and an access NFT, available for free on NeftyBlocks, to come in, wander about, and check out all the amazing Star Wars fan art in this build.

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