Beloved OG Turf With a Lot of History

🪐 Londom- https://maps.theuplift.world/Londom#Londom;surface;2030,64,2075;0

This world is named after our OG typo meme, which was present on our initial Genesis land sale. People couldn't help but love the fact that our website read "Londom" instead of "Random." It'll be around forever in the form of our first region entirely constituted of individual 50x50 plots, of which land plots could only be acquired through promotions and giveaways. In essence, the Londom lands are a testament to The Uplift World giving back to the community that supported us through thick and thin.

This region was also the first survival region to be entirely developed with mobs and other more traditional aspects of Minecraft enabled. Those in Londom are strong and have taken their time to create some amazing things in the region. And just for good measure, although all land plots were gifted away, the rail plots were purchasable for those that just wanted to grind it out with the self-proclaimed real survivalists of The Uplift metaverse regional lands.

Smart Digital Payments HQ in Londom is the central hub for one of the largest singular portal network installs in any region of The Uplift World metaverse to date with 8 different locations 31 hosting a total of 16 portals[d][e][f]

A knight taking a knee to gain leverage for the force needed to release Excalibur from its resting place in the stone just off to the side of spawn in Londom.

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