The Creative Metropolis and Genesis Moment of the Uplift
Genesis is our first region ever available to be populated by early adopters, have its region minted as NFTs, and is a very special creative place! Genesis is more developed than other servers, due to primarily its early availability to lots of partner community projects and the sheer scale and speed people can develop at with so few limitations. You will find some of the most amazing project HQ’s, community, gallery, and individualized builds in the entire metaverse scattered amongst the various sized plots in Genesis.
Shift City is a testament to sheer dedication taking inspiration from a single image within the Finney NFT comic and placing it into Uplift World metaversal greatness one block at a time.
An art installation inside The Rocket Gallery, one of the first ever immersive interactive art displays inside the Genesis sector of the metaverse.
The Luminaya Lotus Temple and surrounding grounds is an exceptionally extensive build showcasing vision of attention to detail of space in place on a level beyond the block plane of existence in which it actually resides.
Last modified 1yr ago