Funding of the DAO

Land auction

There are constant questions in Discord from people looking to buy a plot beside one they already own only to find out it is still not publically available. Because of this, we believe an β€˜odds-and-ends’ land auction in the middle of March will be the best way to build some operations and development runway.

Land included will be everything in the upliftservic wallet from the following worlds:

πŸͺ Upluft πŸͺ Genesis πŸͺ Londom πŸͺ Gratitude πŸͺ Boarvallis (rail) πŸͺ Swineland (rail)

Prices will start slightly above the respective floors for those plots. The auction will be viewable on where you can track which plots are for auction, which have bids, and go straight to the auction for that plot.

Keep an eye on our twitter and in our discord for more details on the auction!

DAO Supporters

We also have our community and wonderful artist supporting the current transition phase into the DAO directly with various initiatives under the banner "WeSaveUplift". What a commitment!

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