Blue Chip Upgrade World

The goal is to offer holders of several prestigious NFT projects on Ethereum the opportunity to get a taste of The Uplift. Many of these project holders are used to getting “allow list” opportunities to mint other projects.

To that end we are proposing a small world on our survival cluster (or 2 small worlds, one creative and one survival) with plots mintable by holders of these projects. Each NFT held in one of these projects would allow one mint of a plot on this world, at a cost of 0.15 ETH each. There are three ways we could do this logistically, with the DAO voting on which direction to take:

Option 1: Blue chip NFT upgrade (no separate asset)

  • Here we register any ‘upgraded’ NFTs so that they act as the plot just like an R-planet land. The NFT description would be unchanged but you could check to see if a NFT has been upgraded on

  • This results in the plot being forever linked to that specific Ethereum NFT, increasing the value and utility of that NFT.

  • This is very different from the other 2 options (which are effectively allow list mints). This might entice people in a way that an allow list doesn’t always.

  • Because no new NFTs are created by the DAO, we would not get secondary revenue from sales, which is a large downside to this approach.

Option 2: Blue chip NFT upgrade (WAX asset created)

  • Here we ask for a WAX wallet at time of upgrade. We mint a WAX land plot for each NFT upgraded. The NFT used will be marked in the contract so it can’t be used again.

  • This results in a separate plot NFT (on WAX), uncoupled from the Ethereum NFT used to mint it. This would provide an additional incentive for new Uplifters to explore the WAX chain.

  • This may scare off people looking to mint and flip without getting in-world vs option 3.

Option 3: Blue chip NFT upgrade (Ethereum asset created)

  • This is the same as the 2nd option, only the land plot NFT would be minted on Ethereum instead of WAX.

  • This prevents a supply of new plots from directly impacting the floor of plots on WAX.

  • It also results in a collection of Uplift plots (a whole world’s worth) on Ethereum which could have a big impact on the space.

  • This does require us to develop a minter contract on Ethereum for the upgrade instead of relying on our database (if no asset is created) or on WAX tools (if we created a WAX plot NFT on ‘upgrade’).

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