Why on ETH

Chain Agnostic Decisions for the Best Outcome

The Uplift uses the WAX blockchain as its backbone since it offers high performance, ease of use for non-crypto users, has no fees, and is carbon neural to only name a few WAX benefits. Although we are so deeply rooted within the WAX community, we do firmly believe in a chain agnostic approach. Which means to use the blockchain that is best to fit a given purpose. The final standard-user experience we are aiming for in the long run is supposed to allow users to don't even notice they are using the blockchain.

Why do we choose Ethereum as the best chain for the job to host the Uplift DAO-Token then? And what is about outrageous fees or clunky transactions? Having the DAO on snapshot.org gets us recognition and voting without outrageous ETH fees, especially if run well. This is great advertising in exchange for governing better instead of paying out cash. The tools provided by snapshot.org are excellent and have already been tested.

Having the token and main LP on Ethereum allows for not just speculators to drive up the price but also whales to provide liquidity and volume, which again is free advertising (or even advertising that pays the community).

There is obviously interest in Minecraft metaverses on Ethereum with projects like NFT Worlds. This means more necessary capital and visibility to run and grow the Uplift World into one of the top-metaverses. Popping onto the scene through a DAO token that you can get by buying land and getting Upliftium to burn on WAX will likely coax the more enterprising of them to try out this chain, which is a win for everyone. Having connections to Ethereum would also allow us to tap into open-source tools provided by projects over there.

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