Gratitude Filled This Universe From the Beginning. The World Is One of the Newest, Though.

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This survival region is full of interesting partner community projects developing some of the most fascinating stuff you'll see around the metaverse. It is quite amazing to see what this small group of dedicated community survivalists have done in the early days of this server in such a short amount of time. Beyond the early communities that made Gratitude their home, our Estate Sale unleashed one sector of the server into community hands, amplifying the collective build repertoire and became the hosting ground for the first ever build contest, resulting in the exponential growth of some really amazing sites.

The ArtVndngMchn Art Gallery and Amusement Park takes immersive interaction of metaversal art in survival mode to the next level.

This gigantic Colosseum built entirely in survival is a testament to the brilliance vision and dedication can bring about when all one's ambitions for success are laid out.

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