World DAOs

A Metaverse Full of Independent, yet Closely Connected Worlds of Any Flavor and Kind

The envisioned pinnacle of The Uplift on Minecraft is the implementation of World DAOs. The World DAO system involves a ‘vending machine’ for whole worlds, with rail pre-laid. A buyer or group of buyers would burn an immense amount of Upliftium or pay WAX if desired to buy one of these worlds (their choice). The DAO keeps the rail (to offer in a public sale) and the buyers get all the land for this world.

The buyers can then choose which rules and settings they want for the world. If they have chosen settings compatible with one of our clusters, they can opt to ‘join’ it and have shared inventory. They could also stake Upliftium to the world itself to let people in that world start earning (or earn more) active rewards.

The World DAO system would let The Uplift scale seamlessly as more members join. It would also allow committed participants to buy worlds and configure them in ways not available in the rest of The Uplift. The DAO keeping and selling rail on these plots would be a recurring revenue source that benefits the whole community each time a new World DAO is formed.

For an additional fee (and possibly a monthly fee), WAX buyers could get a world without any rail (or with their choice of rail), and with the DAO keeping none of the plots. These worlds could be isolated from any clusters and even self-hosted down the line in the right situations if the DAO wanted to explore it.

For another (much larger) fee, the NFTs could be minted by a collection owned by the buyer, meaning they get all the secondary revenue from those plot sales.

There may even be the option to migrate an existing world/server (or even an NFT World) into The Uplift under the World DAO system.

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