Active Rewards

Active rewards are tracked and distributed in 6 week seasons. There is usually a one-week off season in between. Season 4 ended at the end of February.

Currently there are two types of rewards: WAX rewards - A pool of WAX created at UpliftWorld’s inception using a portion of sales. Upliftium rewards - Set weekly to match the mining pool emissions (so currently 265,000,000 per week except for off-season). We have the option to allow other projects to partner with us and provide some of their token (on WAX to start), which we would then distribute through our rewards system (and of course market the heck out of the partnership).

Active rewards are given in two categories:

Player rewards - Given for activities you do in-world, based on an undisclosed formula.

Landholder rewards - Given for activities done by people on plots you own.

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