Core Roles

Eye of the Creative Storm: The Core Staff to Bring Continuity Into the Development of a Unified AAA Project

The DAO will consist minimally of the following roles (not exhaustive):

1) DAO token holders

Make proposals (including all-new project proposals), vote.

2) Full-time roles

Full-time staff for key and/or legally required roles. Includes management roles that can take over committee work if there are functionality issues.

  1. Treasurer

  2. Bookkeeping team

  3. Other corporate-mandated roles

  4. Overall project management

  5. Overall product management

  6. Lead back end developer

  7. Lead plugin developer

3) Part-time roles

Part-time multi-role people with bursaries based on objectives or KPIs

  1. Twitter-er Tweeter

  2. Instagram Poster

  3. Facebook Manager

  4. Event/Announcement Poster Creator

  5. Autofarm hammer

  6. Marketing Strategist

  7. Events Coordinator

  8. Project Outreach Coordinator

  9. Discord wizard

  10. Mojang outreach

  11. Video editing wizard

4) Freelancers

Freelancers working for bounties or on โ€˜in-residenceโ€™ retainers

  1. R&D in-residence position

  2. Blogger in-residence

  3. Build team in-residence

  4. Livestream team

  5. Upliftium services execution team

5) DAO Committee members

Any one person may be in multiple roles. All roles will be voted on, although some key roles will be filled prior to DAO formation.

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