A Non-linear DAO Roadmap

The Roadmap and Features Will Adjust Dynamically to the Needs of the Players

Have you ever wished you could have this or that feature in your favorite game? Now you can, and your wish comes true if enough community members feel the same!

Everyone can suggest improvements or even come up with ideas for whole new features that will decide the whole path of the metaverse. The DAO will vote if and when new features will be implemented. This means of course that we can't present a static roadmap - that is the opposite. This does not mean we already have many groundbreaking concepts in stash already to vote on for the start. Your voice matters.

There are so many directions we could take the development of The Uplift...

DAO voting will be critical for determining which to take and how quickly, as well as to judge the tradeoffs of parallel or rapid development on the treasury.

The DAO will lean on community members to help identify gaps or new projects, for which there will be both a proposal vote and an approval vote.

All of the roadmap items listed below will be voted on after the DAO has been formed, so the specifics of how each item will work will be decided by the community. Active participation and building from committee members is crucial for this to work smoothly.

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