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This is the Uplift World

An Introduction to the Future of the Metaverse
The Uplift World ( is a community-first metaverse built on the WAX blockchain and running on Minecraft as a base layer. Built from the ground up with gratitude in mind, it is our mission to allow for a safe and sustainable environment where all can thrive. We have been open to landholders and those they add as members to their plots since April 2021, which for a blockchain metaverse is a good indication we are well beyond our infancy!
Our community is a large group of active people who have been a big part of helping us develop our value base and direction. The Uplift is still in alpha, but already so many have put in so much to support us in our quest. The founding team and community has developed organically in our Discord server and in-game running events, helping each other or just hanging out. We believe this is what gives The Uplift its longevity and will always guarantee its success.
The Uplift's "home base" in the metaverse is on our Minecraft worlds empowered by WAX chain NFTs. We will explore and expand to other chains as well as other platforms with certainty of a solid foundation. This gives us the flexibility to incorporate different technologies for our worlds as well as the powers of various blockchains. We are positioned to expand through partner projects, IP acquisitions, in-house development, or by amplifying community-built projects – always striving to maintain the plot and world architecture laid out by our previous NFTs.
No matter which platforms you may be able to visit in The Uplift, your neighbors will always be your neighbors.
With all of the above in mind, we are in the process of converting the ownership of this project into a DAO, with our governance functions joining our land plot NFTs in blockchain immortality.
Kudos to our community member NoRushMorgan channel for making it! Learn more at: